Click the links below to find medical service providers in Protective's preferred network.

  • Find a Doctor
    • In the "Select a Network" drop-down menu, select "Workers Compensation" (except for customers in California, who should select "California MPN").
  • Find a Pharmacy
    • See below for an image of what your prescription card will look like.
  • Find a Physical Therapist – To find a physical therapist in Protective's preferred network, contact your claims adjuster.


Your prescription card will look similar to the picture below.


Send all statements, bills, notes, letters, etc. to:
Protective Insurance Company
P.O. Box 7099
Indianapolis, IN  46207-7099

Please include claimant name and claim number with all submitted documents.

First Fill Prescription Card

Protective is proud to partner with Optum, formerly Helios™, to provide you with an easy way to get prescriptions filled immediately following an on-the-job or work-related injury. Your First Fill prescription card can be used to provide you or your workers with necessary medication at no cost while you wait for a claim to be processed.

Most pharmacies, including all major chains such as Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Walmart, Target and more, are included in the network. To request a First Fill prescription card, call Protective at (800) 475-2203 x5053.