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Protect Your Business, Protect Your Drivers

Your fleet of vehicles likely represents your business' greatest risk. In the past few years, average property damage costs from collisions have jumped nearly 400%. The Lytx Video Platform helps you prevent accidents and exonerate drivers, so you can protect your vehicle investment, drivers, and your business. Identify, prioritize and correct poor driving before an accident ever occurs.

Video Capture

Video can change the way you operate: make every minute more productive; expose operational blind spots; provide proof whenever it’s needed; and shine a spotlight on potential revenue opportunities.

  • Verify Incidents Quickly
  • Quickly find video evidence of what really happened to resolve incidents within your fleet
  • Access What You Need On Demand
  • Quickly find, transfer, and access video of your fleet when you need it most
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Evaluate what’s happening in and around your fleet to improve operations
  • Untap Potential Revenue
  • Identify new and overlooked service gaps to expand revenue opportunities

Improve Driver Safety

Gain visibility into the moments that matter, proactively managing your fleet risk. Driver Safety Suite provides the tools to help change behavior, prevent collisions, and improve your bottom line.

  • Identify Risky Behavior
  • Surface risky driving events using advanced machine vision technology
  • Improve Driver Behavior
  • Choose a guided coaching approach to improve driver behaviors in order to avoid future collisions
  • Optimize Productivity
  • Improve your response time with real-time upload of triggered events
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Experience fewer collisions and reduced costs in repairs and insurance claims with safer drivers

Fleet Tracking Service

Get real-time access to fleet status to help you respond faster, minimize phone time, reduce callbacks, and optimize fleet productivity.

  • Streamline Fleet Management
  • Improve vehicle use, on-time performance, and driver adherence to routes
  • Maximize Work Hours
  • Increase efficiency and driver productivity by tracking arrival, idle, and departure times
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Respond to clients faster with accurate driver status and real-time location tracking
  • Reduce Costs
  • Use route replay to expose mystery miles and help reduce unnecessary fuel costs

RAIR Compliance Services

Use a single, online solution to quickly identify, prioritize, and address your fleet’s safety and compliance issues.

  • Identify Missing and Incorrect Reports
  • Audit paper and electronic DVIRs with online storage and reporting
  • Save Time Tracking Hours of Service
  • Audit your drivers’ HOS logs using a single, online service
  • Improve CSA Scores
  • Spot the causes of CSA violations so you can coach and improve
  • Reduce Risk in Driver Qualification Files
  • Audit DOT-required documents along with reports and proactive alerts
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  • Transportation Safety
  • Driver Management
  • Hours of Service & Fatigue
  • Driving Techniques
  • Health & Wellness
  • Injury Prevention
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