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How to be a workplace superstar

Performance is potential minus interference.

This article is from the Winter 2017 issue of The Quill. To view the full issue, visit The Quill archive.

Over the years, safety has taken a new perspective. The Safety Department was primarily a compliance department. However, during the past 30 years, safety has evolved to be more complex and has proven to be an integral part in the day-to-day success of motor carriers. It is no longer a window dressing word; it is an attitude and a company culture. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to take your safety performance to a higher level. There are many formulas to obtain success; however, one formula explains it all: Performance is potential minus interference.

To start, you must realize that you do not know it all. Therefore, surround yourself with excellence. Seek out individuals in your company that are leaders. These leaders must influence other workers in a positive and motivational way that is in line with company strategies and values. Also seek out other safety professionals and take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Seeking safety professionals in the trucking industry is a great way to start. Many of them have encountered what you are experiencing and usually have guidance or solutions that will address your needs. Consider networking with safety professionals that are in other industries as well. They may not have the same loss exposures as you, but you will be surprised how the interaction with them can result in new perspectives and solutions that address old problems. They will benefit from your experience as well. Even partial ideas will take you to the path of problem resolution.

Be determined. If you initially are confronted with a road block to improve your safety culture, determine a path around it. The best path is not always the path of least resistance. Use the resistance in your favor; it helps you to be creative to gain the support you need. Return to the safety network explained above. Better solutions are realized when you involve others that share your ambition. Safety is not a business that you must rely on doing the same old way. Safety is always changing and becoming more complicated. Thinking outside the box tears down silos that prevent success.

Take the “do it now” attitude. It is impossible to quickly change a safety program and culture, so start taking small steps now. These small steps must be well thought out and organized. When done right, small steps start feeding off of and enhancing each other, which leads to an accelerated end result. Again, take advantage of your network of safety professionals and those leaders in your company that you have identified. Create a Safety Business Plan that includes a list of objectives, tasks, assignments, resources needed and due dates. Have regular status and development meetings to keep your strategy on track. Proceed with confidence and ambition and others in the company will join and support you.

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