june 2011
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What to Look for in New Safety Technologies

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What to Look for in New Safety Technologies

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed a series of product guides to provide carriers, drivers and fleet managers the information they need to effectively use a variety of commercial, off-the-shelf systems. Guides have been developed for a number of onboard safety and security systems.

FMCSA is currently studying tire pressure monitoring systems, driver fatigue alertness technology, and a number of other new systems to gain a better understanding of the scope of the projects and what they will mean for the industry.

Because safety is the central focus of FMCSA, its goal going forward is to support the trucking industry through the implementation of these smart technologies. Before choosing to incorporate safety technologies, you must consider the impact they will have on your company.

New technology can be expensive and you will need to consider the initial cost to purchase and implement a new system, and estimate your long-term return on investment. It is also important to thoroughly research a technology system before purchasing it to verify its reliability and maintainability for its intended users. You should ensure that the system you are considering has a proven record of increasing the safety, security and efficiency of the operation it will affect.

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