june 2011
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Protect Your Fleet from Cargo Theft

How to Prevent Work Zone Crashes

Report Shows Circumstances Leading to Large Truck Crashes

What to Look for in New Safety Technologies

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Resource Library

These resources are available for loan to Baldwin & Lyons insureds for a period of 14 days. You may borrow up to three programs at one time. Programs are available in VHS tapes only unless otherwise indicated. To borrow these materials, please contact our Loss Prevention Resource Department at (317) 636-9800 or email thequill@baldwinandlyons.com.

Cargo Security - This video will show your drivers what to check for before and during freight loading, how to ensure safe load distribution in the vehicle, how to comply with DOT regulations regarding cargo and which security procedures to use to discourage cargo theft.
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

20 minutes

Getting Safely Past the Orange Barrels - This video is a very informative program designed to help reduce highway work zone accidents by warning drivers of the need to be constantly aware of the fact that construction zones are areas of special interest.
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

11 minutes

Hijacking Prevention and Survival - This video, filmed on the streets of southern California, provides useful and timely information to the transportation industry and its drivers to help them avoid becoming hijack victims. The video depicts actual hijacking situations and provides common sense solutions, with driver safety being the primary consideration.
Cargo CATS

17 minutes

Let It Ride: Work Zone Safety Kit - This program demonstrates the importance of driving safely in work zones, not only from the driver’s vantage point, but from the point of view of the construction workers as well. It explains the five stages in highway work zones: advance warning, transition, buffer, work and termination areas. It emphasizes that drivers should slow down, increase their following distance, be extra alert, pay attention to the signs and be patient when driving through highway work zones. Included in the kit are the video, overhead transparencies, a safety meeting guide, a sample driver handout and a poster.
Institute of Driver Behavior
9 minutes

Road Work (Extreme Seven-Minute Solutions) - This video reviews how to manage vehicles in and around road construction areas, necessary precautions and special hazards to be aware of.
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

7 minutes

Safety Issues - Master Driver Series - This video shows drivers how to recognize and deal with distracted drivers and road rage situations, as well as threats to the security of their load. Drivers will be challenged to examine their own driving habits. This program includes a trainer bulletin with a review quiz, handout exercises and a driver skill card.
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

12 minutes

Security and the Driver - This video teaches drivers how to protect themselves, as well as their cargo. The video covers procedures applicable to all drivers, including pick-up, delivery and line haul.
American Trucking Associations

12 minutes

Seeing Hazards - This video covers road construction, bridges, collisions and other hazards drivers are likely to encounter on the road, and offers techniques to safely handle those hazards. It emphasizes visual scanning and decision driving.
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

7 minutes

Theft Awareness for Drivers - This video discusses how to prevent possible cargo theft situations, what to do if confronted with a theft situation, stakeouts, pilferage and hijacking, and what to be suspicious of when inspecting cargo and documentation.
Long Island Productions, Inc.

18 minutes

Truck Driver and Cargo Security Training Kit - This video kit explains what drivers can do to increase security at pickup, en route and at delivery, including: trip planning, supervising loading, using trailer seals, checking paperwork, securing cargo, watching for suspicious activity, and other safety and security tips from industry professionals. The program also covers hazmat security awareness for drivers hauling hazmats. The kit includes the video, a discussion guide and a driver handout.
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
27 minutes


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