Keeping workers safe and protecting your bottom line are top of mind for all transportation fleets. We offer workers’ compensation insurance to help cover your losses if a worker is injured and also to make sure your fleet is in compliance with state law. We have multiple deductible options, competitive pricing, adequate limits and superior claims handling and loss prevention services.

Why partner with Protective?

We work hand-in-hand with our policyholders to control losses, manage claims and reduce their workers’ compensation costs. We have dedicated claims-handling specialists to ensure consistency and clear communication throughout the life of the claim. Our in-house, expert nurses assist with medical record review and ongoing medical management. We also have a team of in-house attorneys to provide analysis and research to facilitate proper claim handling.

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“In an ideal world, we wouldn't need insurance. But life happens and accidents occur. When they do, we can count on Protective’s expert staff to handle our claims efficiently and professionally. We are comforted by the knowledge that we have a true partner to always keep our best interest in mind.”

Howard Perea
Vice President, RAC Transport Co., Inc.