Protective cares about you and wants to help keep you safe. Over 30% of our drivers’ injuries are a result of slipping and falling. More than 400 drivers tried out SR Max slip resistant shoes and reduced their slip and fall injuries by 70% in a four-month period!

We are so excited about the results, we are providing a discount off every pair of SR Max slip resistant shoes you buy. This is just one way Protective shows we care about reducing injuries and keeping insurance costs low.

To access this program, please call us at 800-644-5501 x7341 or email us at We will provide you with a link to the SR Max online store and a username and password. Be prepared to provide your name, company/contractor name, and policy number or contractor ID number to take full advantage of the discounts.

Not convinced that these are the shoes for you? Don't take our word for it. Watch our video and let NBA champion Quinn Buckner explain the importance of a good pair of shoes for safety and performance.

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