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Fall_Shield_Square_InboxWe often recommend that our customers review certain aspects of their business.  

  • Look closely at your claims for loss patterns 
  • Update your employee handbook to make sure you’ve included new policies such as a cell phone policy 
  • Buy your drivers new slip resistant shoes for the Winter season 

At Protective Insurance, we do the same thing. The past few years have been full of upgrades to IT systems and reviews of processes and procedures. And while our customers may not notice these changes, they enable us to be more efficient and effective.  

The same is true of how we communicate with our customers and agents. For example, last year we redesigned one of our newsletters and in the process, increased the open rate by 40 percent. That’s a big change.

Early this year, we took a long look at Shield. We have been printing this magazine for ten years. A lot has changed during this time. As a result, we’re making a change and turning Shield into a digital publication. This will allow us to include more timely content, and save resources, time and money – all good things. It will also be easier for you, the reader, to share content with others.  

We will check back with you in the future to see if you like this format or have suggestions. In the meantime, we wish you all Happy Holidays and hope the season treats you well. 

My best, 
Mike Miller, Business Leader



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