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Cellphones: What's your policy?

Personal electronic devices have dramatically changed the way we live and work. Readers have replaced books and magazines for many people. Your smartphone is likely faster than your laptop!

To maintain a productive and safe workplace, and to protect your confidential information, your company needs to have a policy regarding personal electronic devices. The outline included here is a place to start. As with all policies, be sure to have your legal representative review it before sharing with employees.

Policy Brief and Purpose

  • Describes why the company has a policy regarding personal electronic devices. Make it clear why you have a policy and the goals for such a policy.
    • e.g. Cellphones are an integral part of our lives, but can be a distraction taking employees away from their tasks. Cellphones can also be distracting to others in the area.

    Policy Elements

  • Specifics on when employees may and may not use a personal electronic device.
    • e.g. Occasional, brief personal calls; productivity apps; etc. Do not use during meetings, for gaming during work hours, while driving, etc. Remember to include recording and image capabilities that can put your company’s data at risk.

    Disciplinary Consequences

  • Employees need to know what will happen if they violate the policy. And the company must enforce the policy consistently.
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    • Regulations
    • Injury Prevention
    • Workplace Safety
    • Transportation Safety