Rapid changes in technology are impacting trucking and transportation and changing the way we do business. In upcoming issues of Shield we will be highlighting some of these technologies – especially those that improve safety.

Emerging Technologies: SuperVision® Safety & Risk Analytics

The SuperVision product suite provides a comprehensive view of driver performance and safety compliance. Managers can receive and analyze CSA, telematic and crash data, and get continuous motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring, including driver license status and violation updates for any driver on the team.


Monitor your company’s fleet with North America’s largest continuous license monitoring service and ensure compliance of hazardous shipments

License Monitor ™

License Monitor ™ is an industry-leading, continuous driver license monitoring solution that provides actionable data and motor vehicle reporting to fleet carriers. It continuously monitors driver MVR across the U.S. and Canada with faster and more frequent driver alerts, all delivered on an easy to use monitoring application. You can import and manage driver rosters for any size fleet, and set your preferences to receive alerts by email and through the application.

Document Vault;

Efficiently store all driver related documents in a single, secure location with the customizable storage option.


The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a nationwide computer system in place to ensure that each driver has only one commercial driver’s license (CDL) and one driver record. CDLIS allows employers to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements (§ 391.21 – 391.27) by searching the database for a current CDL and up to three prior commercial driver licenses.

Hazmat Informer;

HazMat Informer is a mobile driver solution that automates hazardous materials compliance. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool for truck drivers, dock workers, dispatchers or anyone involved with transporting hazardous goods over the road. It’s also a reliable tool to double check compliance and avoid penalties and fines which can be significant.


Manage compliance, safety and accountability on the highway and increase driver performance and retention.

Driver Performer

This innovative driver management solution addresses the human component of the trucking operation in a cross-dimensional and user-friendly scorecard that’s as easy as point and click.

Driver Performer brings together all of the key operations metrics in an easy to use dashboard. Retain the “best of the best drivers”, improve fuel efficiencies, reduce insurance costs, improve asset utilization, enhance workflow, increase on-time service, and focus on profitability – all with one program. The data presented informs decisions that impact the bottom line.

Safety Performer

When Safety Performer is added to License Monitor, a single sign-on lets you manage compliance, safety and accountability as well as monitor drivers’ license status. This robust software gives fleet and safety managers a snapshot of what’s happening thereby improving efficiency, boosting safety and cutting costs by identifying why safety problems are occurring in order to provide coaching, recommend remedies and encourage corrective action(s).

CSA Performer

CSA Performer offers safety and fleet managers a measurement, intervention and evaluation tool to help systematically identify why safety problems are occurring. It will help to quickly provide coaching, recommend remedies and encourage corrective action(s) to address high impact areas adversely affecting your CSA score.

Retention Performer

Retention Performer helps fleet managers monitor and be proactive about communicating with drivers, and document the driver’s satisfaction. At an enterprise level, fleet managers and company leadership can measure the fiscal benefits of retention and map driver-turnover trends.

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