Safe Parking Tips

Costly collisions don’t always happen at high speeds. Minor incidents from a slow moving or parked position can add up to large costs because they occur so frequently. Educate your drivers on these procedures and keep these from leaving a dent in your wallet!

  • Make sure your mirrors are properly adjusted throughout the day.
  • When parking on narrow roadways or streets, pull out of the lane of traffic as far as you can, put on your four-way hazard flashers and fold your traffic-side mirrors to avoid having them struck.
  • When returning to your vehicle, check around the vehicle for obstacles and look for the best way to exit.
  • Watch for pedestrians and fixed objects.
  • When parking in a lot, scan the area and look for where you are going to park and how you will need to exit the area.
  • Make backing a last resort, as it can be very dangerous. Always park your vehicle so that you can drive forward to leave whenever possible.
  • Check your tail swing on the side of your vehicle closest to the curb by looking in the mirror on that side of the vehicle.
  • If you are delivering to a new customer and you are unsure of where to park, call ahead and ask for specific instructions.
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