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It’s easy to want to hire a candidate that seems great on paper and is ready to start tomorrow, but just because they’re great at promoting themselves doesn’t mean they’re the best candidate.

The following are traits often exhibited by unsafe and low performing candidates:

  • Not customer-oriented
  • Unsafe driving habits that may or may not have resulted in an accident… yet
  • About to be terminated from current job
  • Unhappy in current job due to being “misunderstood” by manager

Look for the following traits when interviewing:

  • Respectful of current employer & position
  • Ask questions about the company & onboarding experience
  • Good driving record and adequate experience for the position
  • Doesn’t rely on self-promotion
  • Feels obligation to provide current employer a two-week notice

Putting a bigger effort into your hiring practices will pay off in the long run. Take the time to really assess candidates and consider more than their appealing start date.

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