Helpful hints for proper mirror adjustment and safe backing

Backing accidents cause an average of 500 deaths and 15,000 injuries per year! Engaging in proper protocol for safe backing and mirror adjustments can eliminate the exorbitant claims costs associated with these accidents and save countless lives. A few extra minutes on your trip can make all the difference when delivering cargo safely to your destination. Check out some of Protective’s helpful hints for adjusting mirrors and safe backing.

Proper mirror adjustment may be the solution to reducing your blind spots and improving your reaction time. A few things to keep in mind in order to correctly perform this task:

  • Check for any loose or broken mirrors during your pre-trip inspection
  • Sit normally in your seat before adjusting mirrors
  • Be sure that your side convex mirrors are at an angle to where the side of your vehicle is barely visible horizontally and the horizon is just out of sight vertically
  • Side flat mirrors should be adjusted to where the rear corner of the vehicle is barely visible; adjust mirrors vertically so the horizon is visible in one-third of the mirror and the ground is visible in two-thirds
  • Keep mirrors clean and move your head for a better view

Backing accidents are extremely common, yet easily avoidable. Remember the following when backing to reduce your risk of collision:

  • Check all of your surroundings before, during, and after your maneuver
  • Practice G.O.A.L (Get Out And Look) when backing your vehicle
  • Only back when necessary
  • Check the ground and overhead path for obstacles or possible collision points
  • Roll down your window to listen for any potential warning of danger
  • Use 4-way flashers and/or horn to alert others that you are backing
  • Always back at a slow and controlled speed

By utilizing these tips on mirror adjustment and backing, you will significantly reduce the risk of preventable accidents and backing collisions. Download our free handout on safe backing for more information.

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