The Protective Way of Handling Claims

Claim resolution can be costly, inefficient and all-around frustrating. At Protective, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our claims process isn’t that way.

We want to help you resolve claims as efficiently as possible, because we know that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of dedicated claims experts, why every level of our Claims Department all the way up to executive are in the same office, and why we don’t believe in taking shortcuts or scaling back on personalization to get the job done.

Here’s what you can expect in the event that you have a claim.

Expert Claims Service

Each adjuster is a skilled subject matter expert within the coverage areas of your policy. With our adjusters averaging 10 years of experience, our Claims Department has seen it all and can react quickly and professionally. Despite our experience, we don’t like to remain complacent. We undergo continuous training and education to ensure that we maintain a high knowledge base and skillset to better serve you.


We like to talk about the fact that we are in one single office, because it truly makes a difference. Every single level of management works out of our corporate headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. What does this mean? We can maintain a consistent, efficient process since we don’t need to communicate across different time zones or offices. Our claims adjusters have caseloads that are far smaller than the industry average, giving them the ability to give you personalized attention and swift service. And, our managers see and touch every single claim—meaning that you’ll always have multiple experienced eyes on your claim.

Designated Claims Units

At other insurance companies, adjusters have a plethora of responsibilities that can leave little time to focus on the claims at hand. At Protective, we’ve created dedicated units for review and evaluation of outside counsel expenses, special investigations, subrogation and salvage, and resolution. This allows our adjusters to focus on providing you with high-level customer service and leveraging the help of these units to resolve your claim and maximize recovery.

The results speak for themselves—since its inception in 2008, our Subrogation & Salvage unit has recovered over $70,000,000 total in losses. In 2016, our legal bill reviewers within our Cost Containment Unit reduced legal bills by $1,312,835.

Nurse Case Managers

Through our Nurse Case Manager (NCM) program, we staff in-house RN-BSNs. Our nurses help to ensure appropriate and cost-effective medical treatment, facilitate return-to-work programs, and review surgery and narcotic requests. And because you have enough on your plate, we do not bill you for these services, nor are they added to your claim. Our nurses are here to support you and ensure that your claimants get back up on their feet as quickly (and safely) as possible.

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