Injured WorkerReduce your overall claims costs by up to 70 percent with a return-to-work program.

People are your most valuable asset.

The longer an injured worker is absent, the higher the costs will be to your business. In addition to the cost of a workers’ compensation claim, your organization may experience additional indirect losses such as:

  • Lost productivity time
  • Decreased morale
  • Increased experience mod/premiums
  • Hiring and retraining replacements


The answer is simple: An effective return-to-work program can reduce your overall claims costs by up to 70 percent! These programs are beneficial to both the employer and employee. As an employer, benefits include:

  • Reduced medical claim costs
  • A boost in company morale
  • Reduction in disability duration
  • Increased retention of valuable/skilled workers
  • Significant decrease in potentially fraudulent claims

As an employee, benefits include:

  • Maintaining contact with your employer and fellow workers promoting increased morale and a faster recovery
  • Ability to stay in same or similar job
  • Lower chances of suffering financial drawbacks (due to reduction of salary and/or benefits)
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