IC Safety from Protective Insurance Company
November 2017 An exclusive publication for Protective's independent contractors
Driver with coffee
Prevent slips & falls before they hit your wallet!
Thirty percent of the driver injuries we receive are a result of slipping and falling! It’s important to remember that slips and falls can happen anywhere at any time and are completely preventable. Take precaution and avoid injury by following these important tips:
Wear slip resistant shoes and periodically check the condition of the soles and replace them as needed.
Never run as friction is reduced at a hurried pace making you more susceptible to injury.
• Keep all walking areas clean and clear of clutter.
Maintain good lighting both indoors and on outdoor walking areas.
Secure electrical and phone cords out of traffic areas.
Utilize handrails on all steps or stairwells.
Ensure any stepstool or ladder is sturdy prior to climbing or reaching for high places.
Clean up spills immediately.
Check condition of outdoor walkways and steps periodically and repair as necessary.
Remove leaves, snow and debris from outdoor walkways.
Inspect surfaces before walking. Look for obstructions that may interfere with walking safely.
• Always use three points of contact when entering and exiting a vehicle.
Don’t know where to find slip resistant shoes?
Check out Protective’s Slip Resistant Shoe Program and take advantage of our discount on every pair of SR Max slip resistant shoes you buy!