If you or someone that works for you has been injured on the job, you may have questions about your particular situation and your future. Below we have listed frequently asked questions with information that may help ease your mind.

  • ▾ What is workers’ compensation?

  • ▾ What is partial vs. total disability and temporary vs. permanent disability?

  • ▾ Each state has different exceptions to the general rule “When employees are injured at work they receive workers’ compensation.”

  • ▾ How are claims handled at Protective?

  • ▾ What should I expect when one of my workers has a claim?

  • ▾ Aside from my adjuster, what other resources will be dedicated to my claim?

  • ▾ I have exposure in California. What can Protective do to help reduce my claim expenses in that state?

  • ▾ Facts about the Experience Modification (Mod) Factor

Our Customer Service Pledge to You

You can be confident you will receive superior claims service from Protective thanks to our designated adjusters who provide direct contact to management. We will also conduct periodic customer reviews of claim outcomes and will consider the customer when selecting vendors and counsel. Our customer service guideline program allows us to work with insureds to tailor best practices to fit their specifications.

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