Drivers and fleet owners are in a unique position to help fight human trafficking. By reporting suspicious incidents at truck stops, travel plazas and other locations where minors are often brought to be prostituted, drivers can help law enforcement find and rescue victims of trafficking. Fleet owners can promote a culture of vigilance and responsibility among drivers, encouraging them not to ignore suspected trafficking situations.

Protective Insurance takes this issue very seriously and invites our customers to sign the Pledge to Report Human Trafficking:

I pledge to report, not ignore, incidents of potential human trafficking, and I will encourage my drivers to do the same.

To sign your name to the pledge, fill out the form below.

Equip your Drivers to Make a Difference

Non-profit organization Truckers Against Trafficking provides a variety of materials your fleet can use to encourage your drivers to report human trafficking. Resources include wallet cards, posters and window decals that display the national human trafficking hotline number. Wallet cards and window decals are convenient for drivers to reference if they see suspicious activity on the road. Visit the Truckers Against Trafficking website to request awareness materials for your fleet.

Truckers Against Trafficking Window Decal

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