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In October, industry partners gathered in Indianapolis for Protective’s Claims + Safety 2016 Seminar. During the two-day event, attendees heard from experts on a variety of topics. Presentations from the seminar are available for download below.

Trucking Breakout – Trucking’s top 10 Industry Issues

Speaker: Rebecca Brewster | American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)

From topics as varied as truck parking to sleep apnea to CSA, ATRI’s research is making the road a little clearer and easier to navigate. ATRI President Rebecca Brewster shared the latest findings from ATRI and helped us understand how to put the research to work in our own operations for a safer and more productive trucking industry.

Public Transportation Breakout – Verbal SWAT : Basic Tools to Defuse Conflict

Speaker: Jesus Villahermosa, Jr. | Crisis Reality Training, Inc.

Jesus Villahermosa, Jr. was a member of the Pierce County Sheriff’s SWAT team for 30 years. This session focused on training participants in understanding the three basic active listening skills that are critical to defusing potentially upset and angry customers. These skills include eye contact, minimal encouragements and empathy.

Distracted Driving—Impact on Employee Safety, Productivity and Employer Liability

Speaker: David Teater | FocusDriven LLC

Distracted driving has become a public health and safety epidemic. It used to be when we saw an erratic driver, we would think “drunk driver;” now we probably think “cell phone driver.” In this session, David Teater, a nationally recognized traffic safety advocate and speaker, discussed the history and rapid adoption of mobile communications technology and its impact on traffic safety, the science of driver distraction and how mobile device use while driving degrades driver performance. He also discussed common misperceptions about cell phone driving distraction, employer liability and the need for policies prohibiting employee cell phone use while driving.

Public Transportation Breakout – Driver Training Strategies: Choices vs . Skill

Speaker: Fred Doelker | Dean Transportation

When drivers back their buses into buildings, swing their tails into parked cars or get into a power struggle with a kindergartener, it can quickly turn into a bad day. The fundamentals used to avoid these bad days are pretty well known, and in many cases, the driver has simply chosen to ignore those fundamentals, cut corners and disregard the risks. Perhaps it is time to consider expanding their continuing education to focus not only on skills, but also on steering around bad choices.

Trucking Breakout – Workplace Violence: Coming to a Road Near You?

Speaker: Jesus Villahermosa, Jr. | Crisis Reality Training, Inc.

Workplace violence isn’t just in offices anymore—it has spread to suspects shooting vehicles traveling on our nation’s highways, as well as shootings occurring at truck stops across the country. These incidents are related to various issues, including domestic violence, gangs and customer disputes. Jesus discussed what actions you should consider taking if you start taking gunfire while on the road, as well as what your response to an active shooter should be if you are at a rest stop.