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Contractors feel the heartache of injuries around Valentine’s Day
Have your drivers seen an increase of injuries around Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a special a special time for people to recognize their loved ones, often by sending a gift. Your job activities increase around this peak holiday, which can also lead to more opportunities for injuries. In fact, during this time last year, contractors experienced an increase in accidents resulting in injuries the days prior to and the days following Valentine’s Day.
The graph below illustrates the top injury trends for February 2016:
Graph showing common Valentine's Day injuries
What can you do?
Your job may require manual material handling of packages and cargo, but back and shoulder injuries are typically cumulative, which means they happen over time. It’s important to practice proper lifting techniques every time you handle something, even at home! Stretch and warm up, keep loads between the knees and shoulders when possible and always bend at the knees. Don’t lift too much weight; get help or use mechanical aids if necessary.
Slips and falls might seem like minor incidents at first, but they can escalate into very serious injuries that will keep you off the road and cost a significant amount of money. Check the condition of the area ahead of your walk and look for uneven surfaces, debris, water or ice. Take your time and always use three points of contact when entering and exiting a vehicle. Always wear appropriate slip-resistant shoes. When heavy volume and tight time constraints make you want to rush, slow down and do not run. Running severely increases your chances for slips, trips, falls and injuries.
Always be aware behind the wheel. Motor vehicle collisions can happen quickly and without warning. It is also important to be cognizant of animals while delivering packages, and to honk your horn to announce yourself.
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