Loss Prevention

The Loss Prevention & Safety Services has two main functions:

  • To provide qualitative information back to our UW partners to assist the UW team in accurately pricing the risk/insured
  • To work with our insureds in an effort to prevent losses or to minimize the severity of a loss once the loss occurs
Woman inspecting a semi truck

An ideal candidate for the LPSS department is someone who has excellent technical, communication and sales skills. The technical skill set will typically come from a collegiate setting that has a degree granting safety program.

In addition to technical skills, the role of the LPSS representative in the field is to “sell” his or her ideas to an insured to improve the quality of the risk from an insurance carrier perspective.

Many times, the LPSS representative will be called upon to present ideas to management or provide training to field employees. As a result, it is imperative that the LPSS consultant have both the technical skills needed as well as the communication/sales skills to influence an insured in improving their risk management/safety program.

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