March 2012


Maneuvering Around Spring Break Traffic

With the recent rise in gas prices, you might assume fewer people will be on the roads during spring break. However, the spike in prices isn't deterring travelers, but rather causing people to adjust their plans. Instead of making long road trips, many are planning "staycations," or vacations to destinations within a few hours of their home. Drivers across the U.S. need to prepare for potential spring break hazards.  more >>

Truck Driver Robbed at Gunpoint While Parked

Two minutes. That's all the time it took for a truck driver to be robbed at gunpoint after trying to help what appeared to be a woman in need.  more >>

Keep Your Drivers Safe with Online Training

Baldwin & Lyons understands the critical need for frequent training and re-training of drivers in all aspects of safe driving to help prevent accidents and injuries, and manage exposure to risk. We've partnered with J.J. Keller and Pro-TREAD to give our policyholders access to interactive, online training lessons, making it even more convenient for you to keep your drivers well-informed and safe.  more >>

Claims & Safety Seminar: Call for Topics

The biannual Baldwin & Lyons Claims & Safety Seminar for our insureds will be held this August. As we plan for the seminar, we want your help shaping our agenda. What topics are you interested in learning more about? Are there specific rules or regulations you would like to address? What areas of claims management would you like to discuss?

Send your ideas to thequill@baldwinandlyons.com and help us make this year's seminar the best yet. Look for more information to come about the seminar dates and final agenda.


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