August 2011


Top Tactics for Entering and Exiting Tractors and Trailers

The American Trucking Associations reports that 20 percent of falls occur when drivers enter and exit their tractors, trailers and straight trucks. By requiring drivers to use the three-point system of contact every time they enter or exit the truck cab or cargo area, the frequency of these losses can be greatly reduced. { more }

First Aid: The Key to a Safe Workplace

In addition to requiring employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace that is reasonably free of hazards for employees, OSHA also requires employers to provide the medical and first aid personnel and supplies appropriate for the types of illnesses and injuries capable of occurring in that specific workplace. { more }

The Value of a Picture

One of the best defenses against a lawsuit regarding a vehicle collision is to thoroughly photograph the collision scene. Photographs provide a permanent record of evidence and may show details that were not noticed at the scene. { more }

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Safe Right Turns

Large vehicles accelerate slowly and make exceptionally wide right turns, requiring more time, space and driver attention to safely enter traffic than smaller vehicles. For this reason, drivers of smaller vehicles often fail to consider the extra precautions commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must take and may even try to pass a CMV on the right during a right-turn maneuver. This act could easily result in collision. Unfortunately, even if the unsafe act of another motorist causes the collision, it may still be considered preventable by your CMV driver.

Remind drivers to follow these tips to safely execute right turns:

  1. Identify pedestrians, approaching vehicles and other obstacles in the intended path.
  2. Check mirrors frequently and stop immediately if an identified pedestrian or object is no longer visible.
  3. If possible, avoid crossing over the center line, lane markings or into opposing lanes of traffic.

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